forrest through the trees

My name is Forrest Hanson, and I recently made the move from Brooklyn to San Francisco to establish a career centered on energy conservation, responsible consumption, and a more sustainable world. For five years I worked at Business Traveler magazine, serving as the publisher from late 2009 thru July 2011. Prior to that, I co-led the Big Green Bus, a student-founded Dartmouth initiative that utilizes a waste vegetable oil-powered school bus and a 12,000+ mile national tour to encourage dialogue about sustainable energy use. I have a strong background in sales, business development, and project management, am a LEED Green Associate, and continue to educate myself on the myriad issues and challenges entailed in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. Shameful puns aside, this blog is a serious effort at documenting that education.
(forrest dot hanson at gmail dot com)
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